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Welcome to Silva Heritage!

Silva Heritage is a 350 year colonial mansion which is a fine example of the confluence of 2 cultures, Portuguese Catholic and a subtle Hindu past. It is one of the few grand houses surviving today . While we have all modern facilities in our rooms, their character remains timeless.

Nestled in the sleepy village of Benaulim, time seems to stand still and you are transported to an era bygone, witness to the classic Goan way of life, slow and easygoing ‘Susegado’. Here you will catch a glimpse of the local baker selling his ‘poi’ and cattle herd rearing the goan water buffalo and if you are lucky the peacock will come calling in the evenings.

The setting is perfect if you want to drift away into solitude, away from the bustling crowds and cacophony of life today.

We at Silva heritage want to offer you a slice of the Goa we cherish and wish to showcase to the world.


NearBy Attractions

  • Goa Chitra

    Goa Chitra is an ethnographic museum in Benaulim, Goa, showcasing traditional goan farming implements and other goan antiques. It has over 4000 artefacts that have been painstakingly put together by its visionary founder.

  • St John the Baptist Church

    The church of St. John the Baptist which is situated at Monte Benaulim was originally built nearer the shore and has been shifted to this present location in the year 1956. The Lamb of the Apocalypse on the Book of the seven seals at its summit and the wooden altar triptych is an attraction.

  • The Chocolate Room

    A contemporary cafe where you can enjoy sizzling hot or chilled cold slurpees to sweet or savoury snacks.

  • Margao Market

    Get a flavour of the life of the locals in this market selling fresh fruit, flowers and spices. Pick a momento to take home from your trip here.