All rooms

Room ' Albuquerque '

This room opens out to the garden . Enjoy the sights and sounds of bountiful mother nature.

Room ' Barbos '

This room has 3 lovely little balconies that let you take in the air and is perfect way to unwind after hitting the beach.

Room ' Correia '

This was formerly the master bedroom of the house, pamper yourself in the bathtub and feel like royalty on the diwan.

Room ' Dourado '

This room is flanked by the indoor courtyard, which gives it an airy feel although it is right in the middle of the house.

Room ' Esteibeiro '

This room offers twin beds and is perfect for individual travellers.

Room ' Faria '

Get hypnotized by your inviting bed, mood lighting that will make you laze in bed all day.

Room ' Gurjao '

Tucked away in a quiet corner is this unassuming, tranquil room where you can catch up on reading or enjoy a fullbodied wine in the ‘Sacada’.

Room ' Henriques '

Enjoy a book as you gaze out the window on the love seat and hear birdsong.